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In CABAL 2, dungeons play an important role for gear and story progression in the world of Ektensia. You will encounter a number of dungeons that are challenging and unique. Completing dungeons will earn players gear and conquest points which can be spent on special rewards!

Abysmo portals act as a secondary option for players who enjoy Player vs. Environment (PvE). Each zone in the game has portals scattered amongst the region leading to unique places and monsters. Whether it is bosses or waves of enemies, abysmo portals will offer challenges and unique rewards if conquered.

As the main Player vs. Player (PvP) feature in the game, CABAL 2 offers two battlefields. Each battlefield is unique, allowing for a competitive, yet strategic environment. Players who participate in battlefields will earn Honor points used to purchase powerful pvp gear.

Each class in CABAL 2 has the ability to activate their own unique “Battle Mode.” Once activated, your character will physically transform into a near unstoppable force of augmented power. As the game becomes more difficult, the more important Battle Mode becomes. Picking when to use Battle Mode is key to conquering challenges like dungeons or battlefields.

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